{Wayshower's Weekly} Increase Your Light Quotient ✨

Wayshower39s Weekly Increase Your Light Quotient

{Wayshower's Weekly} Increase Your Light Quotient ✨

April 22, 2021 ? Free Earth Day “Ease & Flow” Channeled Meditation Event. Sign up here: https://www.multidimensionalu.com/earth-day

Aja Love (pronounced AY- j-ah) is the founder of Multidimensional U®, an energy broadcasting system that exists to elevate human consciousness through advanced multidimensional technologies. She is a Channel and Guide for planetary Wayshowers who are ready to activate into the next level of their human embodiment and alignment with their Soul Purpose. Learn more at https://www.MultidimensionalU.com

Aja shows up across multiple dimensions, to teach and facilitate personal and planetary healing (you might see her during your meditation or dreams!). Strengthen your connection to your Higher Guidance and eliminate fear and anxiety by using this free daily grounding and clearing meditation ✨ https://www.multidimensionalu.com/meditation

Tune in to the seasonal podcast Beyond Conscious. Becoming Multidimensional.®, available on this channel and as a podcast on iTunes and Spotify! https://www.multidimensionalu.com/show

Make a donation to show your support for this channel and the work Aja does here (using Paypal or Coinbase for crypto!): https://www.multidimensionalu.com/donate

In Unity ?
Aja Love & The Multidimensional U® Team

P.S. This is a high vibrational, safe and loving space. All fear-based, self-victimizing, abusive or inappropriate comments will swiftly be deleted. We speak our reality into being. Choose wisely.

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