Lights Around Her

Lights Around Her

Lights Around Her

Overview of the New Novel “Lights Around Her: The Girl Who Sees Angels” by Aum Nicol.

The year is 2040, decades after a pandemic, and Jemmy Sterling is born able to see angels. The world is developing an awareness of the Highest Good for All, a way of living where right action and empathy guide humanity’s decisions.

At seven, Jemmy is faced with a tragedy that causes Mariel Shift, a young woman from a sinister organization, to discover her secret abilities. Mariel feels Jemmy is the answer to understanding her grandmother’s disappearance. As she grows up, Jemmy struggles to come to terms with her unique gift, but her family, Vi and Matthew, and best friend, Grant Gardiner, provide support to create a somewhat normal life, even it is for a short while.

At sixteen, Jemmy’s angels make her a request that would help prevent humanity from slipping into old ways. After nine years, Mariel steps up on her mission to find the girl who sees angels.

Aum Nicol writes a coming of age story with tender romance, family drama, and a self-discovery journey. Current social and political turmoils are woven into the background while Nicol investigates humanity’s spiritual and moral evolution.

This novel is a must-read for our times. As our world sees leaders who use lies and power to prevent progress or right action, this story warns of something worse than a pandemic that would cause humankind to change ways that don’t work. “Lights Around Her: The Girl Who Sees Angels” dares humanity to dream of the Highest Good for All.

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