An Evening of Kagura Online presents Takiyasha-hime (Yoshida Kagura Troupe)

An Evening of Kagura Online presents Takiyasha hime Yoshida Kagura Troupe

An Evening of Kagura Online presents Takiyasha-hime (Yoshida Kagura Troupe)

Recorded on March 6, 2021

Thank you for watching An Evening of Kagura Online!

An Evening of Kagura began in Hiroshima City in 2017 with the goal of introducing Hiroshima’s traditional performing art of kagura to international tourists visiting Hiroshima, and ran until the end of 2019.

Due to COVID-19, we’ve taken our in-person performances online so that you can all enjoy kagura from the safety and comfort of your homes.

With this online broadcast, we hope to continue the legacy of An Evening of Kagura and share the traditional culture of Hiroshima with the world in the hopes that they will come visit when the pandemic ends.

If you enjoyed this video and want to see kagura live, we very much hope that, post-COVID, you’ll come to Hiroshima to experience kagura, as well as our many great tourist attractions, incredible food, and local sake! On behalf of all of us at An Evening of Kagura, we very much look forward to welcoming you.

We hope you enjoy the Yoshida Kagura Troupe’s performance of Takiyasha-hime!

About the Kagura Troupe:
The Yoshida Kagura Troupe is from Yoshida-cho in Aki-Takata City (northern Hiroshima Prefecture). Yoshida-cho is known for its connection to the Mōri family, who built Hiroshima Castle. The troupe was founded in 1971, making it a relatively young troupe. Currently, there are 23 active members who perform at shrines and events around the prefecture.

About Takiyasha-hime:
About one thousand years ago, the Japanese capital was in Kyoto, where aristocrats held great political power and lived in opulence, while the commoners outside the capital were left in poverty. A warrior named Taira-no-Masakado was outraged by the injustice of the gap between rich and poor and tried to create better life for people by establishing his own capital in the eastern part of the country. However, the Imperial Army quickly quashed his rebellion, and Masakado and his clan were murdered. Takiyasha-hime is the tale of the only survivor, Masakado’ s daughter Satsuki-hime, and her quest to see vengeance for the brutal murder of her father.

Other Information:
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An Evening of Kaguraをご覧いただきありがとうございます。


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