Worst Presents EVER! – Stardew Valley [1.5 Update] | Let's Play Part 6

Worst Presents EVER Stardew Valley 15 Update Let39s

Worst Presents EVER! – Stardew Valley [1.5 Update] | Let's Play Part 6

Year 1: 11th & 12th days of Spring

On the first day of this episode, I wake up to finding some Parsnips ready for harvesting. I collect them, water my crops and find a letter from Robin to say she’s lost her axe and that there is a reward for anyone who finds it.

I then go looking for fresh spring onion forage and find a cutscene with Vincent and Jas at the sewage pipe. It seems Vincent wants to go inside but they think Gunther has the key.

Following the cutscene I go into town… I find Penny and offer her some quartz. She didn’t like it.
I go to Willy and buy a training fishing rod and then get a quest from Clint at Pierre’s shop notice board asking for 20 copper.
I gave Caroline a Dandelion and she hated it, before purchasing some Kale seeds from Pierre. I went back to the farm to plant the kale and spent the afternoon down the mines getting copper for Clint.

On the second day I had some Kale, Potatoes & Beans ready to harvest. I went to find spring onions and found Robins axe in the field below Marnie’s house. I go into town to take the Copper to Clint to claim my reward and then to Robin’s house on the mountain to claim my reward for the Axe.

I then use my reward money to buy Cauliflower Seeds from Pierre’s shop and head home to plant them.
Once planted I head to the community centre to drop of some bundle items only to realise I need a Dandelion to complete a bundle. So I go for a wander trying to find one but fail, so I do a little tree chopping on the farm before bed.

I’m back to my roots in an uncut, constant commentary play through. Experience the entire gameplay with me, no cuts, no retakes, everything just raw and uncut.

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