Art channel hijacked for valentines surprise and here's her reaction…

Art channel hijacked for valentines surprise and here39s her reaction

Art channel hijacked for valentines surprise and here's her reaction…

Husband (and film guy) John Rainey hi-jacks artist Jenna Rainey’s YouTube channel, paints from her recent watercolor tutorial while chatting about their love story, and makes it a special Valentine’s Day surprise. THIS is her REACTION to the surprise. Watch as Jenna watches for the first time. Cry with her, laugh with her, and hear her side of the story.

I hijacked her channel and followed her watercolor tutorial for this special Valentines surprise!:

How to Paint Ten Cute Valentines:


Floral Watercolor E-Book:
Watercolor Supply List:
Digitizing Watercolor (video):

Vectorize Your Artwork (pdf):
Stationery Design Guide Template:

Guide to Licensing Your Artwork:
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Email Marketing Toolkit:
5-Step Checklist for Email List Building:



Instagram: @jennarainey 


*DISCLOSURE: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!



Everyday Watercolor:
Everyday Watercolor Flowers:



Princeton Heritage 4050 Round Brushes:
– Size 2: 
– Size 6: 
– Size 16: 

Winsor & Newton Professional Level Paint:
– Mars Black: 
– Burnt Umber (brown): 
– Ultramarine Violet: 
– Prussian Blue: 
– Phthalo Turquoise:
– Cobalt Blue:
– Permanent Sap Green: 
– Lemon Yellow Deep: 
– Yellow Ochre: 
– Scarlet Lake (red): 
– Opera Rose (pink): 
– Cadmium Orange: 

Legion Stonehenge Watercolor Paper: 
Watercolor Palette: 



– Cameras (two):
– Close-up lens:
– Wide lens:

– Mic:
– Audio Interface: 

– Tripod:
– Monopod:
– Monopod (overhead shot on c-stand):

– Lights (two):
– Softboxes (two):


MUSIC: paid for and licenses acquired from Artlist.

00:00 – Intro
01:21 – Jenna presses play (gets emotional).
03:55 – Some laughs and putting the filming/editing pieces together…
04:27 – “Small brush, did he say that?” Brush handling compliments.
04:42 – John thought it was good, Jenna had differing opinions.
05:10 – Married 10 years and just don’t do this stuff…
06:17 – John pays attention…
06:49 – Jenna’s response to “Am I crushing it?”
07:04 – Love story begins, offended Jenna (jk)
07:41 – She called it before he said it.
08:08 – Did Jenna just say that?!
08:39 – She thought he farted.
09:10 – She thinks he’s Hallmark status.
09:50 – Jenna’s reactions to when we wanted to get engaged.
11:23 – Engagement book.
12:06 – “What’s Jenna thinking when she see this?” Mysterious answer…
12:41 – Dab.
13:02 – She called it before he said it AGAIN.
13:59 – John always wants to cuddle Myles. Jenna’s reaction.
14:49 – “What grade do you give me?” Jenna responds.
16:06 – Jenna hurts herself in real time. FACEPALM.
16:20 – John saying do something Jenna says he’s not doing.
16:34 – “Lettering is hard.” -Jenna
17:33 – Jenna’s bored (JK!)
17:38 – Jenna weighs in on the fridge.
18:19 – John wants Jenna’s opinion…
19:14 – Jenna weighs in on lettering – “Your L is huge!”
19:44 – Jenna responds to John’s downgrading his painting to C- / D+ territory
19:57 – How late did John stay up editing? Here’s the answer…
20:33 – Jenna concurs with John — be our Valentine.
21:07 – Jenna, was it good John got into the flow state?
21:28 – John with a D-? Is it passing?!
22:00 – Jenna’s final grade for John

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