Top 20 Christmas Gifts Under £25 Him / Her | Christmas Gift Guide

Top 20 Christmas Gifts Under 25 Him Her

Top 20 Christmas Gifts Under £25 Him / Her | Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is coming! I’ve got a nice little list of my top 20 best Christmas gifts under £25 to give to a friend 🙂 Hope you like it!
Links to everything mentioned below!

Here’s links to all the stuff mentioned in this vid! Amazon ones are affiliate links if you’re feelin extra jolly 🙂

Snake Plant:
Bath & Body Works Candle:
Gymshark Leggings:
Yoga Mat:
Dumbbell Set:
Maker’s Mark Whiskey:
Rainbow Knife Set:
LED Kettle:
Bidet Attachment:
Lush Bath Bomb:
Nice Book: Up to you! 🙂
VBucks: Get’m from Epic. You can put “EvanEdinger” down as your referral if you want 😀
Pajama Set:
Tile Mate:
Smart Bulb:
Smart Outlet:
Spotify Premium:
The last one is up to you 🙂

Thank you so much for watching! Hope you enjoyed it!

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