27 Hidden Gift Gems on Amazon For Anyone On Your List

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27 Hidden Gift Gems on Amazon For Anyone On Your List


Amazon is one of the retailers you can rely on to get you your gifts on time, especially if you’re a Prime member. Yet, many people feel that finding a present in Amazon’s sea of millions of products can result in gifts that feel lackluster and a little impersonal. I was once in that camp as well, admittedly finding it difficult to pinpoint the hidden gems in my broad searches for “minimalist succulent planters” or “shaggy throw pillows.”I recently discovered Amazon’s gift finder, which helps you find curated selections of unique gifts. I was impressed by how in-depth the customization process was and how it yielded such accurate results for what I was looking for.

You can search by category, interests, price, and more. If anything, this proved to me that you can, in fact, find gifts on Amazon that still feel thoughtful and personal. Using the gift-finder tool, we curated a list of 27 great gifts on Amazon for everyone on your list.

The top hidden gem gifts on Amazon:

For the frequent flyer

trtl 8


Trtl Travel Pillow, $24

Travel pillows take up valuable carry-on space, yet many don’t deliver when it comes to helping you fall asleep. The Trtl Pillow looks like a scarf and provides serious neck support, so they can actually get some sleep and wake up without a sore neck. The soft, lightweight fleece also is really cozy, and it packs down pretty small for flights, road trips, train rides, and more.

For the host

amazon gifts


Slate Cheese Board Set, $36.99

Help them amp up their hosting with this slate cheese board. It comes with two ceramic bowls to hold snacks and spreads, four cheese knives, and chalk so they can label their assortment of cheeses, crudite, or charcuterie. This setting will be a sure standout at their next dinner party.

For the photographer



HP Sprocket Select Portable Photo Printer, $99.99

Whether they’re a photography pro or have never used a camera besides the one on their iPhone, just about anyone will have fun with this portable printer. It connects to an app on their phone so they can instantly print pictures wherever they are. It’s a fun gadget and a great gift for anyone who loves to have tangible photos of their favorite memories.

For the breakfast fan

Dash Mini


Dash Mini Waffle Maker, $9.99

The Dash Mini Waffle Maker is compact enough to keep for special occasions without cramping up your kitchen storage space. It’s affordable, efficient, and likely to bring them a bit of joy.

For the skincare enthusiast

aztec secret indian healing clay

Aztec Secret

Aztec Secret Healing Clay Mask, $12.79

The Aztec Clay Mask has been called “the world’s most powerful facial,” and it’s also under $15. It can be mixed with water, but it works best with a little bit of apple cider vinegar. You can read a full review here.

For the coffee lover

Amazon 4


Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine, $599.95

For the hardcore coffee lover, an instant coffee maker might not cut it. If nothing would make them happier in the morning than sipping on an espresso that tastes like the one from their favorite cafe, they need this Breville espresso machine. If you love the idea, but are looking for something a little more affordable, check out our guide to the best espresso machines you can buy.

For the cat lady

Cat earrings


Jamber Jewels Sterling Silver Cat Stud Earrings, $27

Even if you don’t have a cat yourself, you probably understand that owning one isn’t just a choice — it’s a lifestyle. Show your favorite cat lover you get it with these adorable silver studs. From afar they look like just another simple silver pair of studs, but a look up close reveals they’re actually super-cute kittens.

For the commuter



Audible Subscription, $15/month

Add some excitement to their monotonous, everyday commute with an Audible subscription. For $15 a month, they’ll get one audiobook and two Audible Originals that they can listen to anytime and anywhere. Plus, when you gift Audible the recipient will get 30% off any additional audiobooks they want to purchase on their own. You can choose to gift memberships for either one, three, six, or 12 months.

For the serious home chef

amazon gifts


ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide, $249

If they don’t have one yet, any home cook needs this sous vide machine. With little effort, they can make juicy, tender meats of restaurant-level quality. They’ll impress themselves and their guests alike with how delicious their dishes turn out.

For the aspiring mixologist

Amazon gifts


Foster & Rye Camping Style Speckled Enamel Cocktail Shaker Set, $37.99

Some like to unwind after a long day with a cold beer or a heavy pour of merlot, some would rather shake up a Martini or a Cosmopolitan. If they’re the latter, they’ll appreciate this stylish and durable shaker set to help them flex their mixology muscles.

For the outdoors enthusiast

Amazon gift


Earth Pak Dry Bag, from $19.99

Whether they’re hiking, fishing, camping, or doing any outdoor activities with unpredictable weather, they’ll appreciate this dry bag to keep all of their belongings safe. With sizes from 10 to 40 liters, you can pick one that’s right for their needs. It even comes with a clear, waterproof phone case, so they can document their adventures with pictures, without a broken smartphone at the end of the day.

For the eco-friendly



Baggu Duck Tote, $34

Being sustainable doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice style. This tote from Baggu is roomy, adjustable, comes in plenty of fun patterns, and is made from 100% recycled cotton. If you think they’d like something a little smaller, Baggu’s nylon bags are really popular, cute, and just $10.

For the artist

art set


Vigorfun Deluxe Art Set in Wooden Case, $39.99

Help them get their creative juices flowing with this set of art supplies that’ll let them create everything from pencil sketches to beautiful watercolors. Inside they’ll find 85 pieces, including a range of paints, pencils, brushes and more. Everything comes in a nice wooden box with a handle, so they can easily take this with them wherever they go.

For the spa regular

Amazon holiday gifts soap


Pre De Provence Luxury Box of Guest Gift Soap (Set of 5), Rose, $8.82

These rose soaps make a thoughtful gift for anyone who loves to indulge in some quality “me time.” Plus, anyone will love smelling like a fresh bouquet of roses.

For the football fan

nfl, $16


The Northwest Company NFL Handwarmer, $30

Football fans are willing to brave the cold for their favorite team, but you can help make game day a little more bearable with this hand warmer. The weatherproof exterior and plush, insulated interior will keep their hands warm and dry, so they can focus on the game — and not the fact that their fingers are freezing.

For the ‘green thumb’

indoor herb garden


Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit, $26.97

Give them the tools to keep up with their gardening habit all year long. Each set comes with five compostable peat pots, five potting soil discs, five custom wood plant markets, and a comprehensive growing guide to get started.

For the bookworm

amazon gift 3


Alice in Wonderland Bookmark, $25.59

Add some whimsy to their next read with this Alice in Wonderland bookmark. It’s sure to catch their attention, and you can be sure they’ll never lose their place again.

For the musician

amazon gift 1


Audio-Technica Fully Automatic Stereo Turntable, $99

Musicians and music lovers alike can agree that nothing sounds better than vinyl. If they have a record collection, they’ll appreciate this turntable. If they don’t have a record collection, start them off with a record or two and introduce them to the unique vinyl sound with this record player — they’ll thank you.

For the student



LapGear BamBoard Lap Desk, $29.99

You don’t even have to be a student to appreciate this lap desk — it works for just about anyone who likes to get work done from the comfort of their own bed. While the top surface is flat and sturdy enough to write on, the bottom is a tapered pillow that’s comfortable to hold on your lap. It’ll also keep your legs from overheating.

For the fitness enthusiast



NextRoller 3-Speed Vibrating Foam Roller, $99.95

Anyone who exercises often knows that a foam roller is an essential fitness tool. Not only does it relieve muscle and joint pain, a foam roller can improve flexibility, circulation, and even help speed up injury recovery. This vibrating foam roller lets them choose just the right amount of pressure to soothe sore joints and muscles, plus it feels like a massage (which you can be sure they’ll appreciate).

For the traveler

passport, $11.99


Travelambo Passport Holder Wallet, $8.69

Traveling is exciting and fun, but losing important documents and cards can put a damper on the whole experience. Ensure that doesn’t happen by gifting your favorite traveler this wallet. With room for plenty of cards, cash, their passport, and tickets, they can keep everything important consolidated in one place.

For the pet parent

pet sofa, $150


Enchanted Home Pet Dreamcatcher Dog Sofa, $119.99

For the pet parent whose furry friend is their world, get them a gift that their pet will find useful and comfy. This classy couch has been miniaturized to fit small dogs and cats. It’s also a great gift for pet owners who don’t want their pets to perch on their real couch, but still want to give them a place to sit in the living room.

For new homeowners

pillow, $29


Primitives by Kathy Striped Throw Pillow, $29

Getting settled into a new home takes a lot of time, and a lot of decorating. If you know anyone who just moved in, this throw pillow is a thoughtful way to bring them one step closer to making their new place feel like home.

For the home decorator

Rivet ceramic planter


Rivet Modern Geometric Ceramic Planter, $36.03

From their statement couch to the art on their walls, their home is impeccably decorated and, frankly, buying them a piece of home decor can be intimidating. If you so choose, go for one of these ceramic planters. They’re simple enough to accentuate all kinds of spaces, but the rose color and pattern helps make them unique.

For the foodie

sabatino, $50


Sabatino Truffles Pasta Night, $50

This set made it into Oprah’s exclusive Favorite Things giveaway last year — and if it’s one of Oprah’s favorite things, you can be sure the foodie in your life will love it too. White truffle oil, truffle zest, and a truffle-infused, gluten-free pasta will make for a deliciously decadent pasta night.

For the homebody

warm cozy, $18


Warm and Cozy Soy Candle, $20

Their favorite winter pastime is curling up by a warm fire wrapped in a fuzzy blanket. Their home smells like hot cocoa, freshly baked cookies, and everything else you want on a cold day. This hand-poured soy candle — with notes of pine, orange, cinnamon, cypress, and fir — is just what they need to make their home feel even homier this holiday season.

For the techie

Amazon holiday gifts Echo Dot with lightbulb


Echo Dot (3rd Generation) with Sengled Bluetooth Bulb, $29.99

While there are many Amazon devices to choose from, the Echo Dot is our favorite for affordability without sacrificing quality. This set even comes with a smart bulb to get them started — or add to their existing collection of smart appliances. A newer version of the Echo Dot is available, but the third generation is a great budget pick that’s comparably effective.


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